Fluffy bunny to bare bunny

Every 90 days the German Angora rabbit needs to be clipped.  They don’t lose their fleece naturally.  Letting their hair grow too long is actually a health hazard.  This time frame also coincides with the perfect fleece length for spinning.  The average amount of fleece from a German Angora clipping is 10 – 16 oz.  Comparatively, the little rabbits actually produce more fleece than my goats do over a year.


This was my 2nd time clipping Lily and much different than the first time when I sat outside with scissors and her jumping off my lap every 10 minutes or so.  We’ve wizened up, and with the help of my husband we bring her inside where there are no distraction and trim her with a combination of scissors and electric clippers.  It took just about an hour.  At the same time, we clip her nails with little cat nail clippers and then she’s fully groomed!




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