Billy (aka The Oaks Billy)

Billy was born in February 2016 at The Oaks Farm in Maryland and I picked him out after much correspondence with the breeder.  He is, by far, my absolute favorite of the herd.  He’s got it all, the sweetest personality and the most goat antics.

Here he is when we visited the farm to see him as a baby.

First day home after a very long ride, hanging out with my son Zach.

Wearing a little jacket after his first shearing to stay warm.

Stretching to get some pine needles.  Maple leaves are his favorite (all the goats love them) he’ll dance on his rear legs for those especially.  He has even jumped onto our feeder and from there tried to jump/scale to the top of our goat barn to get the maple leaves, so far unsuccessfully.

Caught in the act!  Billy is our escape artist.  We came home one evening to find him roaming the front yard.  He had nudged the igloo out, jumped onto the roof of this little shelter and then jumped over the fence.  We found the hoof marks from where he landed to prove it.  He’s always up to daring mischievous acts.

Jumping into the hay feeder  and getting comfy while I went to fill it.  One time the feeder closed up on him and it took me a moment to find him and realize what had happened.  Luckily he’s too big to fit in there anymore.

Billy getting a bath.  Not one of his favorite moments, but he handled it like a champ.