Courage (aka Harmony Homestead Courage)

Hope and Courage were our first foray into goats, we picked them up from Harmony Homestead farm in Rhode Island.  And right away, he was trouble!  You see Courage isn’t very courageous, he was picked on by the rest of the herd and didn’t like to be handled.  It took quite a while to corner him in the barnyard and get him heading to our truck.  And after we finally got him in there with Hope, he managed to take a flying leap out of the back just before we closed the gate and he took off.  Luckily he went straight back to the barnyard where we had to corner him again.

Since he’s founded our herd, he’s become quite dominant among the other goats (the horns help!)  It took at least 6 months before we could pet him semi-regularly.  And now, we can almost pet him any time we want, but he still spooks very easily.