Zach Jr. (aka Enchanted Acres Zachary)

We were only going for one new goat, and we chose Billy.  But then Zach was born in March 2016, same birthday as my son Zach.  And fate continued to smile on us when I ended up on a business trip to upstate New York, right near the Enchanted Acres farm.

How do you say no to a 10 day old goat in your arms?  You don’t, you end up putting a deposit on another goat kid.

First day home with us, we arranged to get both Billy and Zach on the same day.  We fenced them away from the adults for a few weeks until everyone was acclimated.

Zach is getting very big, he’s going to give Courage a run for his money size wise.  He also has the loveliest fiber.

Enjoying those maple leaves!